together at last – a winning veggie curry

Last night I had the (I like to think) brilliant idea to make a curry for meat free Monday.

The only veg we had on hand were carrots, cabbage and onion. And I’m still a little obsessed with Francis Mallmann’s ‘burnt’ carrot salad.

So it was only natural to bring the concepts ‘curry’ and ‘burnt carrot’ together at last.

The end result was far more interesting and flavoursome than the brief, common place ingredient list would have you think.

Served with a little natural yoghurt on a bed of raw finely shaved cabbage it was a winning Monday night feast.

burnt carrot & chickpea curry
serves 2-3

2 medium carrots
2 medium onions
1-2 tablespoons curry powder
1 can tomatoes (400g / 14oz)
1 can chickpeas (400g / 14oz)

1. Heat a large heavy frying pan on a very high heat for 3-4 minutes.

2. Meanwhile Halve carrots crosswise then chop each half into quarters, lengthwise to give 8 batons per carrot

3. When the pan is super hot. Add a little oil and the carrots, shaking to make sure they are in a single layer.

4. Cover and cook for 5-6 minutes or until carrots are a little burned and charred in places.

5. Meanwhile, halve onions and peel. Finely slice into half moons.

6. When the carrots are charred, reduce heat to medium and remove carrots.

7. Add a little more oil and cook the onion, stirring for 10 minutes or until onion is golden and softened.

8. Add curry powder and fry for 15 seconds or so before adding tomatoes, chickpeas and their juices. Return the carrots to the pan and simmer for 10-15 minutes or until carrots are cooked to your liking.

9. Taste and season, adding a little more curry powder if needed to boost the flavours.

Jules x

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