the ultimate ‘pantry’ salad

One of the things I really missed during my $25 challenge week was green salad.

In normal life I usually have a green salad somewhere in my day either from the garden or using packaged salad leaves.

By Thursday night, when I hadn’t had a green salad all week, I was starting to get withdrawals.

So I scoured the fridge and came up with the idea of making a celery heart salad.

It was a winner!

Not as green as a leafy salad but close enough with the pale yellow inner leaves and crunchy celery heart giving the freshness I was craving.

Which got me thinking…

I haven’t ever measured it but a bunch of celery will last in the fridge for months.. making it practically a pantry staple… and thus the ultimate ‘pantry’ salad.

celery heart salad
serves 2 as a side

1 tablespoon sherry vinegar
1 tablespoon dijon mustard
1 whole bunch celery

1. Whisk vinegar and mustart in a medium bowl with 2 tablespoons
extra virgin olive oil. Season.

2. Remove green outer ‘ribs’ from the celery and save for another use. When you get to the pale yellowish ribs, wash well.

3. Finely slice the celery heart from the base towards the leaves. When you get to the leaves, tear them roughly.

4. Toss the chopped celery and leaves in the dressing.

Jules x

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