The tastiest ‘meat tenderizer’

Usually when we go to the ‘big smoke’, also known as Sydney, we plan a trip to our favourite butcher to stock up on good quality meat.

A few months ago I lashed out and got 6 scotch fillet steaks (boneless rib eye). But as luck would have it, they were by far the ‘chewiest’ steaks ever.

We managed to eat 4 of the steaks but the remaining 2 had been hanging around the freezer for a while…

Then one day, when the chewy steaks were looking at me guiltily from the freezer, I remembered years ago someone telling me about the tenderizing properties of Japanese wasabi.

Was my memory making it up? I decided it was worth a try.

And you guessed it! The ‘chewy’ steaks were absolutely delicious.

Not exactly super-tender but definitely far more edible. Or maybe it was all the heat from the wasabi that distracted us.

Either way, they were delicious and are sure to become a regular around these parts.

wasabi beef
serves 2

2 steaks
2-4 tablespoons wasabi + extra to serve
steamed asian greens, to serve

1. Slather half the wasabi over steaks and allow to marinate for at least 30 minutes, but preferably longer.

2. Heat a pan of BBQ. Wipe off wasabi and cook steaks as you like.

3. Place cooked steaks on a clean plate and smear the remaining wasabi over the steaks. Rest 5-10 minutes.

4. Serve with greens and extra wasabi for the dare-devils.

vegan / vegetarian – use field mushrooms as mushroom ‘steaks’. Skip the marinating step.

can’t find wasabi? – try good quality horseradish cream.

Have a fabulous Easter long weekend!

Jules x

ps. Doors to the Stonesoup Virtual Cookery School will be closing next week…

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