the tapas trick

Leftovers are something I have a bit of a love-hate relationship with.

The ‘love’ part comes in when I think of a new way to reinvent or use up leftovers. I love when this happens as often the new leftover-based dish ends up tasting even better than the original.

And then there’s the ‘hate’ bit…

Where leftovers just seem to accumulate in random parcels in the fridge and the only thing I can think to do with them is just have a big fridge clean out.

But last week I had a bit of a leftover-revelation.

I was trying to decide what to make for dinner. There were all these little bits and pieces but nothing standing out. And then it struck me…

Why not serve all these little dishes as shared plates or tapas?

And you know what?

My Irishman kept raving about what a fun & delicious meal it was.

There was some beef & basil stir fry, a little hummus that I teamed with mushroom ragu, chickpeas and chorizo cooked in a tomatoey smoked paprika sauce and a shaved cabbage salad for some freshness.

I’m thinking there will be a lot less leftover ‘hate’ in our house now I have this tapas ‘trick’ up my sleeve…

Jules x

My Mum was a bit of a master at using up leftovers. For more about her recipes in my print book ‘And the Love if Free’ go to:

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