the secret to the most divine chicken

Last week, when I wrote about my super simple chicken soup, I mentioned using ‘the most divine smoked chicken from the BBQ’.

A few people emailed me asking for the secret to this wonderful chicken.

So I thought I’d quickly share the recipe today.

I’ve been experimenting with brining meat. It makes a massive difference to the succulence of your chicken.

Brining may seem a bit ‘fancy’ or cheffy but it’s really simple.

Just soak the chicken in salt water for a while.

It only takes a few minutes to prepare but I can’t tell you what a difference it makes. No more dry, stringy chicken.

super succulent BBQ chicken
serves 4

80g (2.5oz) salt
1 medium chicken, the best quality you can afford

1. Combine salt with 4cups cold water (1L). Stir until dissolved.

2. Butterfly chicken by chopping down the backbone to open the bird out like a book.

3. Place chicken and salty water in a large ziplock bag and pop in the fridge for 6-12 hours.

4. Remove the chicken from the fridge an hour before you’re ready to cook.

5. Preheat your BBQ. Remove chicken from the brine. Pat dry and rub with a little oil. Don’t season.

6. Cook chicken on a preheated BBQ plate for about 15 minutes each side, or until cooked through. Rest before serving.

Jules x

ps. There are a heap of other great chicken ideas in Tired & Hungry Cooks Companion. For more details go to:

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