the ‘golden rule’ of vegetable storage

Recently, I wrote about my experience with living on $5 a day for a week and my life-saving celery heart salad.

I also mentioned that celery is a great veg to have on hand because it lasts for ages in the fridge.

I’ve definitely had celery that’s hung around for more than a month.

But I got an email from one of my students asking about the secret to long-lasting celery.

Apparently, hers didn’t ever last more than a few days…

So what’s up with that?

I suspect she wasn’t following the ‘golden rule of vegetable storage’…

You see veg are mostly made up of water, so the most common thing that makes them age prematurely is dehydration.

Yep, it’s that simple.

To make your veg last longer, you need to protect them from moisture loss.

Refrigerators tend to be great for keeping things cold but not so great at keeping them moist. As part of the refrigeration process, the air in your fridge naturally has the excess moisture removed. Making the air particularly drying.

So the ‘golden rule’ is to make sure your veg are kept in an airtight container OR wrapped in a plastic bag…

No more moisture loss AND longer lasting veg. Win!

Have a lovely weekend guys…

Jules x

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