the easiest way to avoid home made lunch disasters

I’m a big fan of home made lunches.

Cheaper, healthier and way more tasty that bought lunch options.

Not to mention much more fun.

But I did used to suffer from the occasional home made lunch disaster…

That terrible feeling when you realise that your lunch as leaked into your favourite handbag or brief case… Never a good look (or smell!).

Then my Irishman introduced me to the glass containers with plastic lids made by Pyrex.

I haven’t looked back.

I’ve since completely got rid of my old recycled take away containers. And the few odds and ends of Tupperware I had picked up along the way.

So not only does my lunch look way more appealing, it’s been years and years since I’ve had to do an emergency handbag clean out.

Like to learn more about healthy lunches?

Then you’ll love the ‘Beyond the Sandwich: Healthy Lunch Ideas’ class at the Stonesoup Virtual Cookery School!

For more details go to:

Jules x

ps. Hurry! Doors close to the SVCS soon. It’s your last chance to get in at the current price.

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