How NOT to poach an egg

This week I’m having a few days in the big smoke staying in my lovely friend, Lorena’s fabulous Sydney apartment while she is exploring the depths of Africa.

Yesterday I managed to have the biggest egg poaching disaster. Like ever.

I’d forgotten just how bad things in the egg poaching world can get. We’re talking spidery whites that bear pretty much no resemblance to those neat little ‘pillows’ of eggs you get in and half decent cafe.

So what was my mistake?

2 things.

1. No vinegar.
Before I learned the trick of adding a generous glug of vinegar to the water, poached egg failure used to be a common occurrence in my breakfast world. Trust me, if you don’t have vinegar, poaching is a risky thing to do with your eggs.

2. Less-than-fresh eggs.
A big case of I should have known better. If you don’t have fresh eggs choose another cooking method. Simple.

Like some more egg poaching tips?

There’s a recipe and video on Stonesoup over here.

Jules x

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