Give peas a chance

When I was little, peas were mortal vegetable-enemy number one.

Closely followed by the ‘evil’ brussels sprouts.

If you had told me, back in my pea hating days, that I would one day write a cookbook with not 1 but 4 recipes for peas, I would never have believed it.

But last night as my Irishman was raving about our dinner of lamb cutlets with parmesan peas (one of the recipes from my new book), I realised that things have changed.

Now I LOVE peas.

Especially frozen peas.

I mean what’s not to love…

1. They’re super sweet and delicious
2. They don’t require any chopping or peeling
3. They have a long shelf life, or freezer life
4. They’re inexpensive.

And they’re the only vegetable that tastes better out of the freezer than fresh from the market (unless you grow your own).

If you’re looking for fresh ideas for using frozen peas, then you’ll enjoy my new book – The Tired & Hungry Cook’s Companion.

It launches this time next week. Not long now!

Jules x

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