Finding the game in 15 minute meals

Do you have a favourite dish that takes ages to cook?

We all do.

Which is why I had the (I like to think brilliant) idea to get students in my 15 Minute Meals class to send in requests.

Yes, I’ve been taking on the challenge to come up with 15 minute versions of some pretty time consuming meals.

Like Katie’s request for a 15 Minute Chile Verde (a Mexican pork & tomatillo stew) that normally takes at least 2 hours.

And was I able to pull it off?

Here’s what Katie had to say…


Hi Jules,

I just wanted to say thank you so much for the Chile Verde recipe!

I was so excited to see you took it on, even with the sourcing

No one can say you don’t have game!

We made it this weekend and thought it was delicious.

It was also instructive to think about how you took the original recipe and made it quicker and simpler.

The next day we were enjoying left overs with eggs in the morning… so great.

Thank you again,
we really enjoyed it,


To learn how to make Katie’s Chile Verde (and be eating it tonight) and to learn other delicious, healthy meals in just 15 minutes go to:

Jules x

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