Are you tired of throwing out veg gone bad?

As much as I love buying and eating lots of fresh veg, there is a downside…

Yep. Short shelf lives.

It always breaks my heart a little when I find what-used-to-be-fresh vegetables rotting away silently in the back of the fridge.

There’s something about wasting food, especially good quality produce that just feels wrong. Like I’ve neglected a favourite pet or let a plant die.

These days, however, I hardly ever find myself guilty of veggie-icide.

Since I started adopting Habit Numero Uno of Healthy Cooks, I’ve hardly been wasting any produce at all.

And the thing is, it’s not that hard.

If you’re ready to stop throwing out veg-gone-bad, I’ll be teaching my simple system on the first module of my 5 Habits of Healthy Cooks class which goes live this weekend.

To get in at a discount to go to:

Jules x

Current students.
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