7 down-to-earth lessons from ‘Home Cooking’

From the very beginning of ‘Home Cooking’ by Laurie Colwin, I sensed a kindred spirit.

When she started talking about how you don’t need to spend lots of money to eat well. I had to agree.

Then mentioning sherry vinegar from Spain as one of her essential ‘splurges’.

A woman after my own heart :)

So today I want to share with you a 7 lessons I gleaned from my latest kitchen reader book club book:

1. Pots and pans are like sweaters (or jumpers for the Aussies out there), no matter how many you have, you tend to keep reusing only 2-3 favourites.

2. It’s always wise to make too much potato salad because it improves with age.

3. The best way to disguise vegetables is to turn them into a fritter or serve them with a sauce like hollondaise..

4. Angustora bitters are delicious added to salad dressings (and salt free).

5. Any American who has been to England knows that American cream doesn’t hold a candle to English (or Australian) double cream .

6. The best thing for a beginner cook to learn is a really good old fashioned beef stew.

7. The best way to feel at ease in the kitchen is to learn on someone’s knee.

If you, like many people these days, weren’t lucky enough to grow up on the knee of a fabulous cook, you can do the next best thing…

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Jules x

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