5 ways to use one of the most under-rated vegetables

Almost a month after celebrating my Irishman’s birthday at the fabulous Momofuku Sydney, there’s one dish that I can’t get out of my mind.

It came out in a beautiful Japanese ceramic bowl and was easily one of the prettiest dishes ever.

At first glance it looked more like a floral arrangement than something to eat. Superfine disks of pink-rimmed rasishes layered in concentric circles covered the slow cooked wagyu beef below.

The flavours and textures were incredible.

While I was enjoying it, I made a mental note to start using radishes more. And I’m glad I did.

So today I wanted to share with you some ideas to get you inspired to embrace the humble radish as well….


5 ways with radish

1. Finely shaved in salads.
A great place to start. Just toss finely shaved radish in with your favourite leaves and dressing for extra crunch.

2. As a starter with butter and salt
The French are one culture who hasn’t neglected the radish. A classic bistro starter is to serve whole radishes with plenty of top quality butter and a little bowl of sea salt flakes for dipping.

3. Grated & tossed in yoghurt for a super fresh sauce
Serve anywhere you’d use greek tzaziki. Great with grilled lamb or chicken.

4. Young leaves in salads
I’ve experimented with using the smaller leaves in salads for an extra peppery kick, similar to rocket (arugula). Larger leaves tend to be too bitter so be picky with the leaves you use. A little goes a long way.

5. Leaves in stir frys
I haven’t tried this yet but I can imagine peppery radish leaves would be lovely in a beef stir fry with some carrots for sweetness.

And a word of warning….

Radishes don’t really benefit from cooking. As Nigel Slater says,
‘disregard any cook who tells you to cook radishes, they are clearly delusional.’

Jules x

ps. You won’t find any radish recipes in the Tired & Hungry Cooks Companion, but there are plenty of healthy, super quick meals.
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