5 lessons from ‘a homemade life’

Ever since I discovered the wonderful world of food blogs, back in 2005 there has been one blog in particular that’s been my constant favourite.

If you haven’t heard of Orangette, I highly recommend you pop on over to www.orangette.blogspot.com. It’s OK, I’ll wait.

The thing that’s kept me coming back all these years isn’t the recipes (although they are divine) or the photographs. It’s Molly’s ability to turn a phrase. She tells a mean story our Molly. Especially when she’s talking about cookies or cakes.

So when I had the opportunity to nominate a book for my online book club [ www.thekitchenreader.wordpress.com ] to read this year, I instantly thought of Molly’s, ‘A Homemade Life’. Partly because I thought we bloggers should support one of our own, but mostly because I wanted an excuse to read it again.

So today I thought I’d share a few lessons from ‘A Homemade Life’.

1. Everyday life is art.
This came from the acknowledgements- not a section I normally read
but even Molly’s thankyous can inspire.

2. Anything, anything can be made better with chocolate.
A woman after my own heat. I’m keen to try her suggestion of roast
cauliflower with powdered chocolate and smoked paprika. And dark
chocolate in arugula salad anyone?

3. The best way to make french toast is with oil.
Apparently Molly’s Dad was the best French toast maker ever and he
swore by oil rather than butter for getting that perfect crisp
crust and custardy interior.

4. Don’t believe in kitchen equipment that only serves one purpose.
I couldn’t agree more!

5. White chocolate can be heavenly.
It’s all about getting good quality chocolate made with real cocoa
butter. Molly and I both like Valhrona best.

And I should mention, I was lucky enough to meet Molly when I was in Seattle last year. And even got to dine at her husband’s pizza
joint. The pizza was AMAZING but Molly’s chocolate chip cookies were even better. If you’re ever heading to Seattle I highly recommend a visit to Delancey.

Jules x

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