3 tips for making the most of leftovers

With the holidays upon us, it’s also what I like to think of as ‘leftover season’.

Since I started the Stonesoup Virtual Cookery School, I’ve found myself dealing with leftovers much more than I used to.

When I’m running a class, I tend to have a big day of cooking, videoing and photographing once or twice a week which inevitably means a heap of extra food.

These days, I’m feeling like a bit of a ‘leftover expert’ by default.

So here are 3 tips to help you make the most of your leftovers.

1. Share the love
I often invite my Dad over for lunch the day after I’ve had a big cook up and send him home with packs of different meals and a smile on his face. Sharing extra food can actually make life easier for your family an friends. Especially those like my Dad who aren’t into cooking.

2. Freeze
It always seems like a bit of a hassle to organise leftovers into freezer-proof containers or bags. But it’s the best way to ensure food doesn’t go bad and lead to waste. It also gives you a chance to get excited about your leftovers rather than facing them with a ‘oh no not ham and turkey again’ bravado. Don’t forget (like I often do) to label… frozen food has a habit of looking all alike.

3. Store different items in separate containers
It can be tempting to just pile everything into the one container and banish it to the fridge. But I’ve found I’m much more likely to repurpose leftover (and get excited about them) if I have different options of what to serve. So take the time to keep the leftover roast spuds separate from the turkey and pop the gravy in another container.

Have a lovely Thanksgiving everyone!

Jules x

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